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Achieving smooth, luminous, and hair-free facial skin are just some of the benefits of dermaplaning, a new skin care treatment that professionally removes facial hair without the use of lasers, wax, or tweezers.

Dermaplaning makes use of a surgical scalpel to gently scrape away vellus hair, also referred to as peach fuzz, and slough off dead skin cells sans irritation, paving the way to a softer, smoother, and more even skin texture. It’s ideal for every skin type, even dry and sensitive skin; and for every hair colour, including blonde and grey, which is a challenge for laser treatment.

One dermaplaning session brings brighter, firmer, and more radiant skin tone. It enhances cosmetic product absorption, making skincare products work more efficiently, and makeup products blend seamlessly. The treatment also assists in faster cell turnover, which encourages the production of collagen.

Dermaplaning requires no downtime, and is completely painless. It is recommended to be done before facials or in conjunction with other skincare treatments.