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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that utilises the light of a laser and sends it to the pigment of the hair, thereby tearing down the hair follicles and permanently damaging them. With every session, the hair becomes finer, less visible, and softer, while considerably slowing down its growth. It is the most effective method of eliminating unwanted hair that provides long-lasting results.

At Nish Clinic, we use Soprano Titanium, which features an innovative 3D Technology, allowing doctors and aestheticians to target varying tissue depths within the hair follicle. It has a remarkably large spot size for faster treatment, and uses ICE Plus advanced technology, which lets the skin to continually cool down, making the client experience more comfortable and painless all throughout the process.

Laser hair removal offers the most effective technique in getting rid of undesired facial and body hair permanently. It also treats ingrown hairs, bumps, and redness, making skin smoother and softer.